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Clifford All Saints Church of England Primary School

I am delighted to be able to offer violin and piano lessons at Clifford All Saints Church of England Primary School. 

This page provides information for the parents of my current students.

All books and instruments should be brought to the Rainbow Room on arrival on your lesson day. 


Lessons are on a rotating timetable during the day so students don't miss the same school lesson each week.


Invoices for Spring 2024 term will be issued w/c 19th December and are due for payment by 2nd January 2024.




Arlo - violin


Henry - violin

Mabel - piano

Chidindu - piano

Dubaemi - piano

Emelyn - violin

Fatimah - piano

Florence - piano

Gabriel S - piano

Immanuel - piano

Martha - violin


(Y5 & Y6)

Amira - piano

A'Vayah - violin

Lilah - piano

Lily - piano

Martha - piano

Morgan - piano

Nina - piano

Tatenda - piano


Wednesday morning (Y1 & Y2)

Asher - piano

Nathan - piano

Teddy - piano

Alex - piano

Charlotte - piano

Dawne - piano

Earl- piano

Elijah - piano

Hettie - piano

Ruby - piano

Thursday morning


Arabella - piano

Ella - violin

Japhet - piano

Jessica - piano

Joshua - piano

Leneya - piano

Natasha - piano

Seth - piano

Sienna - piano

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