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About Me

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I am a graduate of Birmingham Conservatoire with a BA (Hons) in Music as well as Royal Schools of Music Grade VIII in Violin, Piano and Theory.

My musical passions are both Classical and Folk music: 
I am a member of the acclaimed Sheffield folk band Jack's Rake.  For more information on the band, our album and current gig guide please follow the link.

I also play with Hallam Sinfonia.  For information on our concert seasons please follow the link.  All students get heavily discounted tickets for our concerts and I particularly recommend the Passenger Seats concert where you get to sit within the orchestra - a never forgotten experience!

I have lived in Sheffield for 20 years and have been teaching here for over 10 years.

I believe music should be fun - it doesn't matter if you want to go through the grade system or if you simply want to be able to play for your own pleasure or join in a music session at your local pub - I aim to make all lessons enjoyable and suit the individual student.

Music is a very good skill to acquire, regardless of your age.  In addition to the attainment of musical skills, learning an instrument helps develop your organisational skills as you learn to juggle practise time along with homework (or work for my older students!) and other social activities.

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