Catherine Pugh

Owner and Musician


I lead all the Tootlepops sessions.  We sing around a theme for three weeks.

About Me

Hi, I'm Catherine and I run Tootlepops!


I have lived in Sheffield for the last 15 years having studied at Birmingham Conservatoire for a degree in music. I also play in the Sheffield folk band Jack's Rake and teach violin and piano as well


I have two children of my own who I've been singing to since the day they were born – at times it would feel like I was their personal entertainer with request after request! Now they're getting older we sing together and it's lovely to see how many of the songs they've learnt during their lives!

The great thing about groups like Tootlepops is that it isn't just about the children. I had just moved to Sheffield when my eldest was born and didn't know anyone except my husband's friends and none of them had children the same age! I joined a baby music group and now have very close friends as a result – we still meet up every week even though our children are now at school!

So, if you're new to Sheffield or the only one in your social group with a young child, do come along to the friendly, welcoming group of Tootlepops Mums.

Tootlepops has been growing in popularity since its creation in 2011 and I am delighted to see so many lovely children each week! Please come and join us!